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WoW Insider is at E3 this week

Mike Schramm

We're not expecting very much WoW news out of E3 this week (especially since Blizzard has taken a pass on the event), but nevertheless, my co-lead Dan O'Halloran and I are here in Los Angeles for the week (and we brought all of our coolest stuff), to see what we can see. And of course if we see anything related to Azeroth at all, you'll see it, too.

Activision Blizzard is planning a press conference on Tuesday evening, and we'll be there for sure, so keep an eye out for that. And we'll be paying attention to WoW competitors as well (Warhammer Online is set to make a big splash at E3, though the recent news that Mythic is cutting the game back a bit may overshadow any other announcements) -- our sister site Massively will have coverage of any and all MMOs at the show this year. And on Thursday, I'm getting a hands-on demo with the Novint Falcon, so we'll see if it controls WoW as well as they say it does. And if you're one of those who wants to see the big picture, Joystiq's E3 page has all the E3 news you need and then some.

It won't be all work there -- we'll also be at the big Joystiq meetup on Thursday, so if you're in LA and want to come by and say hi, please do (I'll try to wear my BlizzCon t-shirt so you can find me). For us WoW fans, the big events of the year are the Worldwide Invitational and BlizzCon, of course, but WoW Insider's got you covered at E3, too.

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