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Age of Conan screenshot contest winners finally announced

Samuel Axon

Funcom announced a screenshot contest for Age of Conan players a while back. The submission period for the first round ended, and then there was a week of silence. Now 10 winners have been announced. Most of them are kind of "meh," but a few stand out as being particularly pretty or amusing, including the above -- an image of someone falling a long, long way.

On the prettier side, there's an image by Auloki, depicting a shadowy waterfall, and a nice view of Cimmeria by StealthWalker. More humor can be found in a depiction of a rather absurd combat situation, by Unkul. You can check out the rest at Funcom's community website. No word yet on when the next round starts, though.

Each of the winners will get an official forum title that says "Community Screenshot Event Winner." If you yourself are one of the winners, there are instructions on how to claim your prize at the afore-linked community website.

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