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E308: First footage of DC Universe Online

Kyle Horner

Did you hear? Jim Lee showed up at the E3 2008 Sony press conference and not only talked about DC Universe Online, but showed it too! Our initial thoughts on the video? While purportedly still pretty early on (even though Lee mentioned that they'd been working on the project for three years now) the footage doesn't look bad at all. However, it does remind us quite a bit of the EverQuest 2 graphics engine. We just hope that it's only a visual resemblance and not a technical one -- as that engine has some troubles we'd rather like to not see in DC Universe Online.

It's quite nice to see all of our favorite characters represented in this trailer. We even get some Black Adam love, which was entirely unexpected! We're sure to have more information about the game for you as E3 continues, so stay tuned, go order some spandex and keep your bat-radar on!
Hungry for more DCUO news? Massively got the scoop at E3 from Creative Director Chris Cao, SOE-Austin VP of development John Blakely, and Executive Creative Director for the project, Jim Lee. Check out the roundup of all the DCUO coverage from E3 including interviews, screenshots, a full breakdown of the trailer and analysis of DCUO's role on the console. Plus, don't miss the rest of our E3 coverage!

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