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E308: Rune Factory Frontier even dazzles us in motion

Candace Savino

After seeing this new Rune Factory Frontier video (not to mention the new screens in our gallery below), we can't help but crow on again about how wonderful this game looks.

We haven't learned many new facts about the game at E3 -- at least, not yet. We did find out, though, that the little fairy-like creatures hanging around in certain screens are actually spirits. As more spirits gather, you might run into larger and rarer creatures.

While we know Frontier won't be a sandbox style game, the video makes it look like there will be a lot of exploring to do. This could become a pain in a Rune Factory game (having to plant certain crops in a certain dungeon because of its season, and then constantly having to run around and take care of those crops), we love the idea of having a big area to feel out. We really can't wait for this one -- 2009 won't come fast enough.

Check out the screens in the gallery if you'd like, but make sure to click on the "High Res" button to get a feel for their full beauty.


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