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Fujifilm FinePix S100FS gets reviewed


FujiFilm has made some pretty bold claims about its FinePix S100FS "DSLR-styled" camera and, according to the folks at Photography Blog, it looks like it has mostly managed to live up to them. They seem to have been especially impressed by the camera's solid build quality, which they say leaves an "impression that stays with you" and, just as importantly, they had few complaints about the image quality, with the 14.3 x zoom delivering the goods and the resultant images boasting great colors and detail. On the downside, the camera is, as expected, more sluggish than a proper DSLR, it's battery life is only "average to poor," and it's $800 list price isn't exactly a bargain considering what you can get for just a couple of hundred bucks more. Of course, you can likely find it for cheaper than that if you do a bit of digging, which Photography Blog says makes it even easier to recommend.

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