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How to claim your Mini Tyrael


So you went to Blizzard's Worldwide Invitational and received a card with a mysterious code for an in-game item (which we later discovered was a miniature version of Diablo's Archangel Tyrael, to be added in patch 2.4.3)... but are now at a loss at how to pick up your adorable new companion? The new new Mini Tyrael is claimed in a different place than any other in-game items -- so for those of you who attended WWI (or picked up a code on eBay), here's what you need to do...

Head to the promotion retrieval center and enter the code. You will be asked to specify a game region and realm and given a code. Note: you can only use this code on one character. Be sure it's the character you really want to have the pet!

Log on to World of Warcraft. Alliance characters will visit Ian Drake in Stormwind City, located just outside the auction house. Horde characters will visit Edward Cairn in Undercity, located on the upper level of the city center.

Talk to Drake or Cairn and give them the code you received from the web site.

You will receive the item Tyrael's Hilt to summon your new pet.

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