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New SOE video blog confirms announcement of DC Universe Online at E3 [UPDATED]


The inaugural video blog of Sony Online Entertainment features CEO John Smedley talking with Courtney Simmons, Media Consultant Senior Director at SOE. Smedley goes on a little bit about Free Realms, Everquest 2, and The Agency, but the punch is when the two of them state that they'll be announcing DC Universe Online at E3.

Throughout, Courtney comes off as relaxed and engaged, but Smedley appears stiff and uncomfortable. Clearly, he's got a script he needs to stick to, and not even the playful poking of his interviewer can ease that burden from him. Or maybe he's just like that. But the best part is the following quote coming in right around 3:30: "I think for the first time, people are gonna feel like there's a superhero game that makes you feel like a superhero." We hope those words don't come back to haunt you, Mr. Smedley.

The Sony press conference is at 11:30 PST -- watch for the announcement!

[UPDATED: We've corrected this post to reflect Ms. Simmons's actual position as Senior Director, instead of her previous title. Thanks, Courtney!]

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