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Nintendo announces Wii Music with 50 instruments

Kyle Orland

At Nintendo's E3 press conference this morning, the company showed off the long-rumored Wii Music. The game uses the Remote and Nunchuk, along with a foot tapping on the Wii Balance Board, to simulate a drum set. The game also lets players blow into the Wii Remote speaker to simulate the play of a saxophone. There will be over 50 insturments in the game, including the piano, violin, guitar and marimba.

"Wii Music is a slightly different play experience than you've seen with other music games," explained Nintendodesigner Shigeru Miyamoto. "Now most music games require you to press buttons with precise timing to symbols on screen, but we've designed Wii Music to allow everyone, inclusing those who can't read music to enjoy the experience of playing music." Instead of following a strict set of notes, Wii music will let players improvise and create their own music using the Wii. The game will record videos of your on-screen play sessions. More to come.

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