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The Daily Grind: Yes or no to STO away missions?

Kyle Horner

We've been having something of a Star Trek Online kick lately with The Daily Grind, but could you blame us with a suspiciously Cryptic clock ticking away? We figured that there wasn't any point in holding back our continuous thoughts on the possibility of Star Trek Online being announced in less than a month, so today we've got another question to ask you: Do you want away missions in your online space treks? It's not a cut and dry question, because away missions are arguably one of the core mechanics of the Star Trek series. Yet on the other hand, they're almost an entirely separate gameplay type than space exploration and combat.

It really comes down to whether or not away missions need to be in the game on launch day or if it could wait until an expansion or large free content update. We would argue -- in devil's advocate form -- that creating a thoroughly complete ship experience may actually be even more important for the game. Then again, it would be sort of strange to never leave your ship and explore the surface of strange planets with other players.

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