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The mystery of the Joystiq faceplate, solved

Kevin Kelly

We were as perplexed as the next gamer when a mysterious Joystiq branded faceplate showed up during Microsoft's E3 keynote yesterday. We spent much of the evening deciphering clues, following up on leads, calling in favors, meeting with shady characters in dark alleys. Basically, we found out nothing.

So imagine our surprise today while we were confirming our facetime with the Fallout 3 Bethesda crowd. It was as if the heavens parted and an angelic hand from heaven lowered said faceplate right into our laps. It turns out we didn't dream it. It's real. Find out all about it after the break, and learn how you can win this fabled item.

The culprit behind the faceplate was Edward Webb at FacePlateAddict, and he builds custom faceplates galore. He made this at home, brought it to the Microsoft press conference in the hopes of finding a Joystiqer, and happened to be near oneof the whiteboard video setups. The next day, he overheard yours truly confirming an appointment, and snuck this slowly into my field of vision, just to blow my mind.

Check out the custom job he did on the Toy Story faceplate and the Muppet Show faceplates. Pure awesomness. You can order these faceplates directly by contacting Ed through the site. But we'll be giving away this Joystiq piece of pure plastic paradise to a lucky Joystiq reader. Stay tunes.

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