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Wii Fanboy eyes-on: MadWorld


In meeting up with Sega today at E3, one thing became apparent: they are lacking in Wii and DS games to show off in their closed door session. That is, until we met up with the folks from Platinum Games and they showed us MadWorld.

Know this: MadWorld should be a day one purchase for you. Also, Atsushi Inaba's hair is much nicer in person.


The demo opened up with some loading screens, showing the setting for the title: Mad City. As Jack, Inaba used the Wiimote and Nunchuk to murder many foes with ease, showing us graceful waggle as he performed a variety of deadly fatalities. Stabbed in the head with a road sign? Check. Dumping someone into a flaming barrel (which was quickly followed up with a playful jab at Nintendo's original Donkey Kong)? Check. Tossing dudes into a wall full of spikes? Check.

All of this took place with rap music in the background, as the bumping bass and adult lyrics kept the pace going. The perfect instrument to accompany such a banging soundtrack? A chainsaw, of course!

It was revealed that the chainsaw will be the default weapon, and we couldn't be happier. Inaba used it to cut people in half, push enemies to the ground and behead them, as well as just slice everything in his path. He then revealed that while killing all of these people was fun, it was only to accrue points so that he could challenge the level's boss. Sadly, this is when the demo ended.

Overall, the game blew us away. It had amazing visuals that didn't show off a single flaw, with gritty urban environments and dilapidated buildings surrounding Jack. If you weren't interested in MadWorld after reading that, you should have your head examined -- perhaps by the business end of a road sign.

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