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Activision's non-E3 party: trendy food in the red light district

Kevin Kelly

Activision might have dropped out of E3, but that didn't stop them from having a huge party, complete with tiny hamburgers, pork buns, sushi, and other things we couldn't pronounce. We liveblogged it, then got some chow on. Head after the jump to find out the kinds of things Activision has been spending their money on, besides Blizzard.

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After a blowout presentation with a cheesy host whose name we've already forgotten, we headed into their red light garden to finally eat some food (you seriously tend to eat zero food during the day at E3. This is a call for developers to stock things like energy bars and fresh fruit, seriously. Once you get behind fabled booth doors, you can sometimes find some serious spreads, but even those go ignored in the effort of blogging until your fingers bleed.

As far as the sheer amount of awesomeness, this took place in and outside a church that has been converted into a clubbishland. Plus, their garden was quite nice. The sheer amount of different types of food being served ranged from a mashed potato bar (wha?) to sushi being freshly cut right in front of our eyes. You might not be the belle of the ball, Activision, but your party wasn't half bad.

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