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Blizz accidentally puts DK description on classes page

Eliah Hecht

Ooh, someone on the Blizzard web team is going to get in trouble. I took the above screenshot straight from the official Classes page, and obviously it wasn't ready to be published quite yet (click for a slightly bigger version). But can we actually glean anything new from the Death Knight text? (The "Find out more about death knights" link returns to a 404, so no help there.)

No. There is absolutely no new information here. There are some obvious mistakes though:

  • Type: should probably be "Tank and melee DPS" or some such (so should Warriors, come to think of it).
  • Available weapons: as far as we know, DKs won't be able to use daggers, fist weapons, staves, or polearms. I guess that may have changed, but I'm just not seeing "rune staff."
  • Standard Bars: no mention of runes or runic power.

And it's pretty amusing that they clearly made the Death Knight section by copying and editing the Warrior section (which is how these inaccuracies crept in there). Anyway, I take this as a sign that development on Wrath is moving forward and the beta is approaching (after all, the alpha is over).

[Thanks to Fennrahn and Iggo]

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