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E308: Mattrick confirms that Bungie is developing new Halo game

Maybe all the drama revolving the Bungie announcement and subsequent postponement wasn't worth the headache.

In an interview with MTV Multiplayer blog Microsoft's head of Xbox Don Mattrick confirmed that Bungie is working on a new Halo title. Mattrick told MTV that Bungie's next title wasn't revealed because Microsoft felt they had enough content and excitement surrounding its other announcements (Sup, Final Fantasy XIII).

When pressed on the lack of Halo news, specifically regarding Ensemble Studio's real-time title, Halo Wars, Matrrick told MTV not to worry and announcements would be coming and then let it slip that Bungie is working on a Halo title.

Matrrick then clarified that the Bungie project is not related to Halo Wars or the the long-announced Peter Jackson project, codenamed Halo: Chronicles.

Was this the 10:07 AM PT announcement, the rumored Halo-based tactical shooter or were they the same?

[Thanks, Dan Dizzle]

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