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E308: FFXIII team will find ways to compress and not 'affect the final product'

In a round-table discussion regarding its E3 announcements, Square Enix was asked the inevitable question of disc storage space for the Xbox 360 and how it will affect the final product versus the PlayStation 3 release. Final Fantasy XIII producer Yoshinori Kitase didn't have a definitive answer but his response is sure to both cool and fuel flame war fires.

EGM editor-in-chief James Mielke asked Kitase, "Will there be any compromises made to the Xbox 360 version in terms of the FMV quality or audio quality?"

Kitase cooly responded, "At this point, nothing's really been decided; that will be a process that takes place in the future, but for the difference between the hardware, we'll work on trying to find ways to compress the prerendered movies and voice that take up a lot of data in ways that don't affect the final product. As for the in-game visuals, we're going to look for ways to ensure that the quality remains the same between the two versions."

Here's a question readers. If it had to be on multiple discs would it matter? Seems like the same amount of hassle compared to being forced to install a game. Just saying.

[Thanks, Jonnah]

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