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E308: Mega Man 9 in motion -- enough said

Candace Savino

If JC's glowing Mega Man 9 impressions didn't get your heart pumping, we can only assume that you have no heart. (You might want to go and get that checked out.) As for the rest of us, who sit here clamoring for more Mega Man 9 -- ask, and you shall receive.

The video up top shows the opening for this WiiWare title, filled with Dr. Wily trickery. The story is completely cheesy in a "that's just how it was back then" way, making the game even more spot-on oldschool. (Also, take note of the Chun-Li lookalike. We love you, Capcom!)

After the break, you can check out some gameplay action and see all those disappearing blocks that JC mentioned. GameTrailers also talked a bit with Capcom developers to squeeze out a few more details on the title, so it's worth checking out. Just click on the blue link below and you'll see what we mean.

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