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E308: Viewing the crummy half of Sonic Unleashed [update]


Update: Old trailer was removed from YouTube, so we scrounged up this replacement.

In a lot of ways, Sonic Unleashed looks like a traditional Sonic title. That is, until you peel back the outer shell and find that half of the game is pretty generic and crappy. To quote my partner in crime here at E3, JC Fletcher, "isn't of making more crummy friends for Sonic, they made him his own crummy friend." It's a statement that could not be more true.

So, half of the game is played in the daytime, which has Sonic doing his usual thing: running fast and collecting rings. During the night, however, he transforms into a beast and the game becomes a generic button-mashing brawler/platformer. It's sad, because the promising daytime stuff really got us excited about Sonic again.

[Via Go Nintendo]

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