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Overlooked@E3: Kirby Super Star Ultra


You'd think for all his years of good service, Kirby would deserve a shout-out during the Nintendo E3 2008 keynote -- at least a spot in a video montage. But no, Kirb got the shaft, and if you weren't already keeping tabs on the pink puff, you'd have no idea Nintendo was releasing a (somewhat) new Kirby title for DS -- one of only five first party DS games scheduled for release during the remainder of the year. Exploring Nintendo's E3 press site, we've discovered confirmation that Kirby Super Star Ultra (a remake of the ultraless SNES game) is still on track for a September 22 release.

Super Star Ultra will feature all of the original game's modes, plus "new adventures," including three, touch-controlled minigames (Kirby Card Swipe, Kirby on the Draw and Snack Tracks) that support up to 4 players via DS Download Play. With multiple cartridges, two players can play the adventure mode, with one assuming the roles of "Helpers," clones of Kirby's foes created with a new ability.

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