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Tesla gets sued again, this time by a former employee

Nilay Patel

Tesla might have finally started shipping Roadsters, but it just can't stop getting sued -- this time the upstart automaker is being haled into court by former public relations director David Vespremi, who was fired in 2007 during that odd upheaval that saw co-founder Martin Eberhard demoted and finally given the boot. Vespremi isn't all too happy about the situation -- his complaint alleges that Tesla, Tesla CEO Ze'ev Drori and VP of marketing Darryl Siry violated California labor law, made disparaging comments about him and other former employees, and dealt with him in bad faith. That's not unusual for a disgruntled employee, but Vespremi is so confident that Tesla's been screwing people left and right that he's asked for class action certification, which is pretty ballsy but could potentially cause some interesting problems for Tesla. We'll see where this one goes -- Tesla can be pretty prickly, so we're not sure a quick settlement is necessarily in the making.

Disclaimer: Nilay's a lawyer and a fan of electron-based transport, but he's not your lawyer and none of this is legal advice or analysis.

[Via AutoblogGreen; warning, PDF read link]

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