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XBLA: Double D Dodgeball, Coffeetime Crosswords & Live Draft Tracker

It looks like we were in for a surprise on the Xbox Live Arcade after all. Available now for download are three new Arcade titles -- well, two and a half.

First up is Coffeetime Crosswords, a crossword puzzle game with over 150 puzzles. Coffeetime Crosswords features a co-op mode for up to 2 players (local only) to work together to solve difficult puzzles. Coffeetime Crosswords is another stellar Konami release, weighs in at 42MB and is priced at 800MS points.

Double D Dodgeball from Yukes is a dodgeball game (Sup, powers of deduction?). Featuring up to 4 players locally or 8 players online, D-triple is described as a retro-style dodgeball game. The tiny 17MB download is also priced at 800MS points. Originally D-triple was scheduled to hit the XBLA on July 30, so either it was pushed forward, released by accident or something secret was supposed to release but was postponed.

Lastly is the EA Fantasy Football Live Draft Tracker, which isn't exactly an Arcade game, per se. The Tracker acts as the middle man between EA's online fantasy leagues. Using the tracker commissioners who host league drafts offline and in-person can import your fantasy league settings. Once settings are established, players can select their picks with the tool and then upload completed drafts to their online accounts on EA's Fantasy Sports website. The tracker is priced at 400MS points.

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