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BlackBerry Bold gets priced on T-Mobile Germany

Chris Ziegler

Sorry, T-Mobile yanks, this one actually goes out to your German cousins; we still don't have a Bold commitment stateside from anyone other than AT&T. It's cool, you've got the WiFi Curve, remember? But yeah, back to T-Mobile Germany for a second -- those guys have become the first anywhere to slap a price tag on RIM's latest and greatest, charging €219.95 (about $348) on the carrier's Max S plan and going down from there if you want a heftier voice / data package. T-Mob claims that interested parties will see the Bold pop up in July, which should give you enough time to pick out a nice, rugged case.

[Via Mobile Bulgaria]

Update: Commenter AT points out that TIM already has the Bold pegged at €469 (about $740) -- but like the rest of the world, it's not available just yet.

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