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DC Universe Online creative director talks about the game on PS3

Alan Tsang

Our buddies over at Massively got a chance to talk to Creative Director Chris Cao and SOE-Austin VP of development John Blakely about how DC Universe Online will interact with the PS3. Those who are concerned about patches for the PS3 having delays compared to the PC game might have some cause. Depending on the update, "there will probably always be an additional level of scrutiny and certification when going to the PLAYSTATION Network, especially when we change the actual executable," so any delays would be due to that. They added that if it is just content or data on the server, there shouldn't be any lag.

Blakely also tells us of random tests they did where players were given a PC setup and a PS3 controller to play DCUO. They "were able to kind of switch between the two and have a good time." They also looking to have a simultaneous launch of both version of the game. Blakely is also promising complete interoperability between the two platforms -- but long term plans might change. "We want to make sure that we don't bind the two. We want to make sure they're able to work with each other. If we can get proven and comfortable with that, then we'll do that. If not then we'll separate those two elements." For more details, read the entire interview over at Massively.

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