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E308: A respectable little pile of Castlevania Judgment videos


We've already documented our feelings about Castlevania's transformation into a 3D fighting game, but it wasn't until this morning that we got a proper look at the game in motion. It's not actually all that bad! Okay, so the lip-synching is a bit off, most of the lines positively reek of cheese ("I'm a Belmont -- that's my job"), and some of the voice acting makes the guy behind Leon Kennedy seem almost De Niro-esque.

Such quibbles aside, we suppose this is the best that could be done with a Castlevania fighting game. Environments and characters are solidly built, there are some pleasant enough effects, the music is great, and we're pleased they opted for a free-roaming style, if only because it reminds us of Power Stone. Make the jump for a trailer and some direct-feed footage.

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