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E308: Microsoft conference Bingo results

Bing-NO! Yeah, we didn't win in our network-wide Bingo game. But we came close! A few things here might need some gentle coaxing to fit but we think it works. It isn't like we won anyway right? Gears of War 2 has a 5 player online co-op mode, not 4 players - but we're counting it just because. Halo Wars got a release date window for Spring 2009 - again counting it. The new SKU, price cut and 60GB are generally accurate and if plans weren't canceled at the last minute we would have seen what Bungie is working on (hint, it's a Halo game!). Don't get too mad that we're taking liberties with this list, if we really wanted to we could argue that the LIPS motion control would count for G5 but we're skipping it!

Lastly, we threw a dart at a wall of crazy and came up with Metal Gear Online, who knew one of those crazy ideas (Final Fantasy XIII) would have come true!

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