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E308: NHL 2K9 demo gets us pumped for hockey

Candace Savino

We haven't highlighted many sports games at E3 (unless you count Wii Sports Resort), but NHL: 2K9 is different, as it's the first legitimate hockey game to hit Nintendo's console. We are some very hockey-starved individuals, so we're keeping a cautious eye on this one. You can see a little bit of the game for yourselves in the demo above, and maybe we're just easy to please, but we like what we've seen so far.

Ignoring the fact that the 2K rep is blatantly (and unconvincingly) reading a script, we appreciate some of the features he highlighted. Getting into fights sounds like fun (and makes us wistful for the days of Mutant League Hockey), as well as the simple but clever Zamboni driving. Seriously, who's never wanted to drive a Zamboni? At least we'll sort of get the chance now, even if it has to be through virtual means.

The rep also takes special care to mention the Wii game and its controls, which he says are simple but work well (as you hold the Wiimote like a hockey stick). Sounds good to us.

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