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EQII gets a new Community Manager

William Dobson

Just a bit over a month ago, SOE introduced EverQuest II fans to a new Community Manager by the name of Amnerys, and this week another CM will join the team. Christie Renzetti (or "Kiara"), formerly of Ten Ton Hammer and Allakhazam, will now be looking after the EQII community along with Amnerys, Gnobrin and Grimwell.

Having started playing EverQuest in 1999, and EQII since its beta, Kiara is certainly qualified to be representing the interests of Norrathians. She has also been very active on the community forums, something which she enjoys and is now lucky enough to be paid for. You can find out more about Kiara and her love of Dark Elves, and add your own personal greeting, at her welcome thread on the official forums.

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