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First-time modder wings it, produces classy DS mod


Kudos to Flickr user Obajoo, who went and did what none of us are brave enough to do: despite having no previous experience, she added this classy design of two silhouetted birds to her Metallic Rose DS. Writing about the process on her blog, Obajoo makes it sound reasonably straightforward -- so much so that we're even beginning to think about contemplating whether or not to maybe consider customizing our DS. Hit up Obajoo's Flickr for more photos.

Not all custom paint jobs end up looking quite as nice as Obajoo's. Take, for example, Elyssa's Marth tribute, viper640_0's misguided Triforce design, or this frankly frightening custom GBA. On second thoughts, we might leave ours as it is.

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