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WoW blogging step 3: Figure out your slant

Natalie Mootz

Starting your own WoW blog is a lot of fun. We gave you the mini-guide to starting your own WoW blog, and then went into more detail on finding a blog host and determining your goals. In today's step, we'll help you work on what your slant is. A slant is your unique (or peculiar) way of looking at the topic you chose in Step 2.

Scout the competition
You need to know what's already being done out in the blogosphere in order to find out where the gaps are. For example, coming out of Step 2 you've decided that because you are a huge fan of the Hunter class you'd like to blog about all things hunting. You probably already subscribe or read some Hunter blogs already, but if you don't, a simple Google search of "WoW hunter blogs" will turn up over 400,000 pages. That's a lot of Hunter talk! But don't panic. Remember that the first search results page or three will list the most popular blogs on that topic and those are the main ones you need to look at. Subscribe to them and read them daily. In fact, putting your own spin or argument on a topic that another blogger discussed while linking back to that blog is a good way to pique the interest of the bloggers themselves. (We'll talk more about backlinking and blogrolling in Step 5.) So with all these blogs, how do you enter the fray?

Add your own twist
From your research, let's say you found Hunter blogs that talk about pets, gear, shot rotation strategies, and leveling guides. Seems like they've covered it all, no? Well, NO indeed, my friend! What all of those bloggers don't have -- no matter how successful they are -- is your voice and your opinion. Maybe you're a role-player and you can write the backstories of your toons. Maybe you take screenshots of every pet you've ever seen. Maybe all your friends think you're hilarious and just want to hear anything you have to say. Maybe you like to replicate Draenei crossbows in real life. Just make sure that you follow your own interests and use your own voice and personality and you'll have a unique blog.

Let it develop over time
Don't worry if you start blogging with the intention of writing about something -- say, Hunters -- and within a few days, weeks, or months you find that you're always writing about Arena strategy instead. Go with the flow of your blogging. Don't be afraid to swtich paths or add additional topics. Your best cue will come from your readers and their comments. Fortunately, WoW blog readers are quite vocal about their opinions and asking for what they want. Do your blog a favor: give it to them!

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