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[1.Local]: The under-the-radar edition


[1.Local] serves up a smattering of reader comments from the past week, from the sublime to the ridiculous.

With Wrath of the Lich King beta upon us, who has time to read comments from the past week's worth of posts? Little ol' [1.Local] would be a sad panda if we weren't positive that the meta-fans who love to comment about comments are still circling. So here ya go, guys – this Bash Ale's for you.

Up for discussion this week: making Spellcloth without danger ... your vision of a perfect world for crafting ... a reader's new feature request answered ... a dissection of drama-queen tanks ... chatter over the recent anti-botting court decision ... and what might just be the final word on Horde vs. Alliance faction choices.

Join us after the break for this week's meatiest reader comments here at WoW Insider. Be sure to dive into the comments area of each thread (not this one!) and add your own thoughts – unlike your mama, we like us some hot, fresh backtalk.

Faction recipes for tailors
We thought everyone already knew the trick to making spellcloth without having to worry about those pesky elementals – but Joda recaps again for newer players: "Actually, there's a far easier trick to making spellcloth. Make it in the bank in Area 52, and the guards will net and kill the elemental. Just make sure you get the first hit so you can loot the corpse for a small percentage of your mats back -- and hey, presto, Spellcloth ... and you haven't had to even break a sweat."

What do you want out of crafting?
What do you want professions to be when they grow up? Grendalsh has a pretty detailed idea of what's on his list: "Anybody every play Puzzle Pirates? Kiddie game, yeah, but one of the most robust, compelling economies I've ever seen. Crafting was an actual reason to go adventuring. Running shops was fun. Building a mercantile empire was as invigorating as forging a fleet of brigands. Crafting was all done through mini-games, not just 'fiddle fingers'... Different tiers of production required other players' output.

"Unfortunately, Blizzard has completely missed the boat on 'infinitely replayable' player-based game play -- a proper economy and crafting system. The purpose of a profession is to make items to sell, not just self-consume.

"I'd like to see enchanting fixed, with level-appropriate requirements for gear. No more level 19 Crusader twinks. This alone breaks the market for leveling enchanters. I'd like to see an actual marketplace, where people can post crafting lists and prices for others to peruse and place orders. (No more enchant spam!) The AH is great for selling drops, lousy for selling crafted items.

"I'd like to see a reason for learning low-level craftables besides grinding past them for craft levels. Deconstructing gear back down to recover mats is an interesting concept, but it would have to be as a relief valve to the collection skills, not undermine them.

"We should all be able to repair whatever armor type we can create! There should be a consumable cost (i.e. thread, flux, etc) as well as some crafted parts (cloth/leather patches).

"There should be a class of 'roleplaying' gear that can be dyed/customized. I don't think you should be able to make your Tier 5 Warlock set Joker purple/green. But a non-stat set of cloth that you can color when crafting? Not 'Ooh, I can make a red one,' but 'Ooh, I can make this any of 256 colors.'"

How to start your own WoW blog
When Sodon asks, WoW Insider listens: "Here's an idea for you, WoW Insider. A weekly column featuring a blog post from somewhere on the Internet - that isn't you!"

We'll do better than that, Sodon -- we'll give you an ongoing feature that helps you make your own blog. Behold!

Are tanks the most drama-prone?
Are tanks the biggest drama queens in the game – and if so, do they deserve to be? Plenty of readers think healers throw out the most drama, and others believe no single class or role has a lock on throwing hissy fits. Jester, though, is one of those who thinks tanks take the cake: "Oh lord ... I list my tank QQ in order.

"Refused to raid Void Reaver because "he had to build his new computer that very same night."

"Went away permanently -- "The cops took my computer because my roommate was downloading kiddie porn. I don't know when I'll have it back."

"I don't want to OT on gruul, FU. I'm building more threat than the MT; if he wants to MT, he'll have to earn it. (That's me.)

"Tanking ... Whaaaa ... I'm not at home so I can't swap gear sets out. (Me again.)

"Let me do it! I just reitemized my tank gear! (Me ... Again.)

"But, the most drama prone are the boyfriend/girlfriend couple. It's the worst."

Blizzard wins lawsuit against bot makers
Biglou joined the conversation over Blizzard's recent courtroom win against bot maker MDY: "I'm glad ... I effin hate botters. However, the implications of the ruling appear far deeper than it would seem. Take music. Do I own that music or just the right to listen to it? Can I copy it to my computer and my iPod or is that a copyright infringement? Can my kids download that music from the single CD to their iPods, or do I need to buy the same disc for every iPod? Duck, here come the lawsuits."

Not so much for the Horde
At the end of the week, Matthew had what very well might be the final word in the long-raging debate: Do you side with the Horde or the Alliance?

"I denounce any faction that asks me to stand by the side of a gnome and fight."

Now that's a man who knows where he stands.

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