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Breakfast Topic: What kind of Achievements are you looking forward to in WotLK?

Zach Yonzon

With the rumor of Achievements in Wrath of the Lich King finally revealed to be a certainty, there's a bit more excitement in the air about the expansion. When I told my somewhat obsessive-compulsive wife about the new Achievement system, she was filled with both dread and giddiness knowing she would obsess (and lose a lot of sleep) over unlocking them, particularly the whimsical ones. "You're probably not excited about all this, are you?," she asked me, knowing I didn't concern myself too much with some of the game's frills. "Actually," I replied with a smile, "there are PvP Achievements, too."

So while my wife is looking forward to doing all the, ahem, frivolous things like getting a haircut -- she'll probably unlock that one in the first hour of the expansion's release -- or giving out ten hugs (!), I'll be grinding away at the PvP-oriented Achievements. Hot Streak is certainly doable; I've been an Alterac Valley All-Star more than a few times; but getting City Defender looks like it'll take a little bit more work. How about you? What category of Achievements are you most interested in? Are you a professions freak, a quest addict, or maybe an explorer? It looks like there's something for every type of player. What kind of Achievements do you think you'll be unlocking often?

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