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DARPA moves ahead with electronic tags for soldiers


It may not be going so far as to chip every soldier with an implant, but it looks like DARPA is now moving ahead with plans to give soldiers a slightly less invasive electronic tag. Apparently, the so-called Individual Force Protection System (or IFPS) will measure about three inches long, and it'll communicate with an array of vehicle-borne and portable receivers, which DARPA says will be able to pick up the tag's signal and pinpoint the soldier's location even in the most electronically-crowded battlefield. That's apparently also all done without GPS, which has the added side benefit of greatly increasing the tag's battery life. Of course, there's no word as to when the tags might actually be deployed, but the system itself is apparently already pretty far along in development, and the agency has now tapped Science Applications International Corporation to bring it to fruition.

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