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E308: Onechanbara ogled


D3 showed off an early version of Onechanbara: Bikini Zombie Slayers in their conference room. And by "early version of Bikini Zombie Slayers," I mean "final Japanese version of Onechanbara Revolution." The retail game. Even so, I wasn't allowed to play it! Isn't that weird? And not in the funny, campy way that Onechanbara is usually weird.

I did get to watch the game in motion, and found the visual upgrade over the PS2 version impressive. Apparently the price is getting a downgrade from the Japanese release: the D3 rep said that while they had yet to set a price point, it'll be marketed as a budget game.

D3 also had the costumes from the Onechanbara movie in their booth -- all four square inches or so of costume. I did geek out a bit.

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