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Enchanted in Northrend

Eliah Hecht

Being the only non-gathering primary profession that has, thus far, been implemented in the Wrath beta, enchanters should feel special. No word yet on the long-rumored ability to sell enchants on the AH, but we do at least have some interesting new enchants to look forward to. Here are some of my favorites:

There are also, of course, new ranks of old standbys, like Enchant Weapon: Greater Savagery, though these are not quite so interesting. I think we can safely say from the materials for these enchants that Infinite Dust is the new Arcane Dust, Cosmic Essence is the new Planar Essence, and Dream Shard is the new Large Prismatic Shard. There's also a missing item, #35047 - the new Void Crystal?

I'm glad to see the return of enchanter-made wands (Enchanted Crimson Wand, Enchanted White Wand), though the items have not yet been implemented, so we can't tell what the stats on them are going to be. That is a lot of Void Crystals, though, so hopefully they'll be pretty good. Overall, although I really hope they implement selling enchants on the AH, enchanting looks to be in pretty good shape for Northrend.

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