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Fallen Earth shows off character model improvements

Matt Warner

Icarus Studios has put out another Fallen Earth update, the post-apocalyptic MMOG set in the year 2156. Fallen Earth's graphics underwent a visual facelift back in March and we've been seeing the results from that in before and after images. It's about graphical details that will really set your MMOG apart because visuals, imagery, the user interface it all needs to gel well and look fantastic to make a positive first impression. The more graphical details the better as long as graphical boundaries aren't pushed to a point where gameplay or playability is sacrificed.

The latest graphical revamp shows off how far the old Fallen Earth character models have progressed. The key differential is in faces, hair styles, and equipment. While the artistic style is still the same, the art team has updated clothing, weapons and armor enhancing and adding more depth to character models. A wide variety of customization options like tattoos and face paint are also available which will allow players to create a truly unique appearance for their characters.

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