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Gems in Wrath

Eliah Hecht

The crafting professions may not yet be implemented in the Wrath of the Lich King beta, but we do get to see their mats. I'm not sure how much we can figure out from them. I do, however, really like some of the names, especially for the gems.

It looks like we'll have the same gem system as in BC, with six colors (three primary and three secondary) and one uncommon and one rare gem for each Epic gems have, understandably, not been unveiled yet, and common gems have made no appearance. Here are the names we have:

We don't yet know the values for the cuts, but the names of the cuts are in the data files, and it looks like they're basically the same as the cuts we have now, along with some new ones (like "tenuous"). At a guess, I'd say uncommon Wrath gems will be as good as epic BC gems. Would it be wrong to socket Autumn's Glows simply because I like the name so much?

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