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Impressions: Fat Princess


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Chances are you've read rumblings about Fat Princess throughout the web. This surprise PSN game announced at E3 really came out of nowhere. While a title like Fat Princess may sound unappealing, rest assured that this has the potential to become a real multiplayer PSN hit.

How do we describe Fat Princess? We like to think of it as Team Fortress meets Pikmin meets a high-carb diet. Ultimately, Fat Princess is simply a capture the flag game. However, the unique 2D presentation makes it rather surreal. The game supports up to a massive 32 players online, and the smart use of AI ensures that every battle you take online will be fun and exciting. You see, if you can't get all 32 players to play, or if someone drops out in the middle of a match, bots can quickly and transparantly take over. This way, every time you jump online, you'll have someone to play with.

Although there are multiple modes of play, there is usually one ultimate goal in Fat Princess, and that's to capture an enemy's princess and take them back to your own base. Each team will be split to Red and Blue teams, and each side will clash throughout the battlefields. There are a number of hats each player can don, and each hat represents a certain class, which yields certain abilities and powers.

Hats are available at each team's castle, so players can freely swap whenever they spawn. Some of the classes, such as the Warrior and Archer are rather obvious. However, the Priest is akin to the Medic in Team Fortress 2. He can heal others with a beam, and just like in TF2, an effective strategy would be to have the Medic follow a powerful class, such as the Warrior, and rush through.

The Workers can build defensive objects for the castle and can find ore and wood in each level to use as supplies. These tools will be helpful in defending the princess against the other team. Of course, the best defense is to remember the title, and make your princess fat.

Yes, your princess has quite the voracious appetite. By looking for magical patches of cakes which grow outside, you can bring slice after slice of vanilla goodness to your princess. After a few bites, she'll become an overweight glutton, and she'll become quite heavy to pick up and carry. Should the attacking team succeed in picking up the princess, a fat princess would require more manpower. An indicator at the top of the screen will show the sluggish movement of the princess as it gets carried away.

With the title and logo the way it is, it may be hard to think of Fat Princess as a real hardcore title, but that's exactly what it is. Fights always end in bloody messes. After a massive battle, you'll see body parts and blood soaking the entirety of the floor. With its unique art style, high concept, and fun presentation, we can't wait to play Fat Princess when it debuts exclusively on the PSN later this year.

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