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LotRO's Book 14 release date announced

Shawn Schuster

After several months of preparation, tons of screenshots, videos and more, Lord of the Rings Online's Book 14 has a set release date. According to the official site, the servers will be down on Tuesday, July 22nd from 6AM - 12PM Eastern time for the latest content update, Book 14: The Ring-forges of Eregion.

If you need a refresher course on Book 14's contents, be sure to check out Massively's exclusive tour from last week, as well as our screenshot gallery. The official patch notes for Book 14 are now live on the LotRO website, to give you a complete run-down of the changes and additions made with this content patch. Keep your eyes on Massively for more information on Book 14 once it goes live. Now, we look ahead towards Mines of Moria!

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