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Paradigm goes to the wall with its Reference Signature W-series

Steven Kim

Yup, no doubt about it -- getting speakers "out of the way" is something the public wants. Thankfully, the performance of in- and on-wall systems is really coming up to snuff as well. Our Canadian neighbors at Paradigm have added two on-wall models to their Reference Signature series, the W5 and W5 C (center channel). Paradigm has never taken its Reference Signature models lightly, and these two new speakers promise to do the name proud. The new units benefit from technology developed for the Reference Signature v.2 conventional speakers, including exotic (sounding, at least) metals used in and on the drivers, crossovers that keep the phase intact and careful brand-friendly timbre matching. These are high-end speakers, so to keep the toe-in tweakers happy, the mounting hardware allows for some side-to-side tilting. If you're more concerned about aesthetics, ponder the choice of three finishes. Pricing for both models comes in at $2999 per speaker. One more pic after the break (not just because the logo in the top pic is backwards, either).

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