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Series 2 Halo figures and points websites now live

Dustin Burg

After a much too long hiatus, we're proud to say that it's Halo action figure news time! Huzzah! And today we have a treat for Halo action figure fanboys, because Mr. Toddy McFarlane just updated with all kinds of Halo goodness. First off, the Halo 3 Series 2 mini site is now live, allowing you to view each and every figure, view photos, download wallpapers and analyze each one in super sexy Quicktime VR.

But that isn't all friends, because McFarlane just updated us on the Halo Points program. Halo Points, for the uninformed, are included with each and every Halo action figure purchase. Buy enough figures, collect enough points and starting this Winter you can earn exclusive Halo swag. Want a Halo 3 lithograph? You'll need 100 points. Looking at owning a red, blue or active camo Halo figure with Recon armor? Dish out anywhere from 200-300 points and you can haz Recon. There's even a gold Master Chief for 500 points. It's either time to start making some action figure purchases or time to take up the hobby of dumpster diving. Recon figures are way worth getting banana peel in your hair.

[Thanks, TMD]

Source - Halo 3 Series 2 figures
Source - Halo Points

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