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The Daily Grind: When is resource gathering fun?

Adrian Bott

This blogger has recently been gathering resources in Age of Conan, and despite the manifold other attractions of that game, resource gathering is so mind-scrapingly boring that you end up wishing your character's pick could be used on your skull instead. The first quest for any resource is to gather 20 of something - silver, ash wood, cotton - which is as simple as finding a node with some resources left and clicking on it. Sometimes, for variety, a bad guy of some sort will jump on you.

However, to progress to the second tier, you have to find a much rarer resource that has only a one per cent chance to drop while you're repeatedly clicking on the node. All you can do is click, click, click and move on. Apparently it's not much better in other games - set the mining lasers, put your feet up and go and make a coffee.

Far be it from us, though, to condemn anyone else's fun. So: do you enjoy resource gathering, in AoC or any other game? Do you go fishing in LoTRO, or in WoW for that matter? What mechanics make it fun?

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