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    Vizio's 32-inch VP322 plasma gets reviewed, fares better than its big brother

    Darren Murph

    So Vizio's 42-inch VP422 didn't get the highest marks when reviewed earlier this week, but the 32-inch VP322 was evidently seen in a different light. For starters, it probably helps that this one rings up remarkably cheap (it's currently $528 at Wal-mart), and so long as it didn't look like absolute garbage, we feel the reviewers were all set to give it two thumbs up. Still, they did admit that it wasn't the most astounding sight they had even seen, but they couldn't help but call it the "HDTV steal of the century." Picture quality was satisfactory, the port selection was adequate and fact that no calibration was required to get pleasant results was the cherry on top. But hey, with all the big boys slicing and dicing those MSRPs, you may still want to shop around a bit before rushing into anything.

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