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WoW Insider Show live tomorrow afternoon

Mike Schramm

I am just finishing things up in Los Angeles (E3 ended yesterday, and most of the team here is still recovering from the Joystiq meetup last night), so while I'm on the plane tomorrow, the one and only Matthew Rossi will be kind enough to host the WoW Insider Show for me. The show goes live on WoW Radio at 3:30pm Eastern, and he's rumored to have not only everyone's favorite ursine posterior, John Patricelli, as well as an appearance by none other than BRK, the Hunter with the Big Red Kitty. And Turpster should be on as well, rounding out an excellent team of podcasters. It should be a bang-up show, and I'm sure they'll chat about the beta, as well as the brand-new achievements system announced for Wrath, and whatever else I missed this week while playing amazing games at E3.

They'll also be chatting in the IRC channel, which you can find at at #wowradio, and they'll be reading your emails I'm sure -- you can send them messages at Rossi, in particular, is definitely a big fan of the new hairstyles, so be sure to ask him how he's going to dress up his main tank.

Definitely tune in and check them out, they're sure to talk about something you're interested in. It kicks off tomorrow afternoon at 3:30pm Eastern -- just load up WoW Radio around that time, and keep your ears open.

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