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Preview EQII's Game Update 47, Storm Break: Part 2

William Dobson

The second part of the EverQuest II GU47: Storm Break preview has been unveiled at EQ2Players, teasing us with a few more features of the upcoming patch.Continuing in the vein of the first preview, there is more good news for lower level characters, as Adept I and Master I drops in the 1-20 range will now always be a spell that someone in the party can use. Moving up in the levels somewhat, Chardok, Sebilis and Karnor's Castle named mobs will be "less shy and more generous with the quality of their phat lewtz" -- though it's not 100% clear whether this means some brand new items, or just less of the crappy stuff. Sebilis and Chardok will also get extra spawn points to make life easier.

As well as these changes, the preview introduces us to the star of Storm Break's Live Event, pictured above. So far they are labeled in their images as "beast", and they can show up anywhere in the world to take a bite out of you when GU47 is released. We've put together a Storm Break gallery for you to flip through, and if you decide that you just can't wait to be set upon by these new monsters, this update is available right now on the test server.

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