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2 weeks later: iPhone apps I actually use


When the App Store went live on the 10th, I went a little nuts and downloaded a bunch of apps. Some I fell in love with. Some I launched once. Others lingered a for a few days while I decided their fate.

Now it's nearly two weeks later, and I've identified the keepers. Here I'll list each one as well as why and how I use them. As a bonus, I'll identify the three that have made the cut to my main screen -- what I'm calling my "front page apps."

Read the list after the jump.

  1. Twitterrific [App Store link] The first time I used Twitter on my phone via PocketTweets, I really got it. Twitter is the kind of application that you want to literally carry around in your pocket for instant accessibility. The TwitPic integration, built-in mini browser and single post view (good for my aging eyes) make it a winner. Sure, it doesn't scroll as smoothly as Hahlo, but I'm patient enough to wait a fraction of a second. Twitterrific for the iPhone is a winner. --This is a front page app.
  2. At Bat [App Store link] Several months ago, Major League Baseball (MLB) built a mobile version of their site. It wasn't much to look at, but was very snappy when browsing scores, scheduling and standings. So, I was blown away by At Bat, MLB's beautiful application that lets you flick through a day's or week's games, get real-time stats and scoring and even watch video clips from a game that's underway. I'm only hoping we get an NFL version. -- This is a front page app.
  3. Super Monkey Ball [App Store link] I'll admit that I was most excited about purchasing games for the iPhone, and Super Monkey Ball delivers even more than I expected. The graphics are very impressive for cell phone, gameplay is super smooth and the levels are challenging without being frustrating. Plus, you can't roll a monkey in a ball through a goal with the accelerometer and not smile. It's plain old fashioned fun and impresses everyone who gives it a try. --This is a front page app.
  4. FileMagnet [App Store link] This little diddy from Magnetism Studios, the guys behind Insanely Great Tees, is ridiculously simple and useful. When installed on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can have over-the-air transfer of a great number of files from your Mac via the companion desktop software. In my experience it has worked wonderfully and I've used it to transfer lists, photos, PDFs and more. The folks at Magnetisim have promised additional features and supported files in future versions, and I can't wait.
  5. BoxOffice [App Store link] Browse local theaters for movie times and even purchase tickets in advance from your iPhone or iPod touch. Watch trailers, get ratings from rottentomatoes and more. Once you use it to purchase tickets for after dinner while sitting in the restaurant, you'll love it, too.
  6. Remote [App Store link] Control your iTunes library and AppleTV with your iPhone. It's free, it's from Apple and it works. Remember that tiny white remote Apple used to ship with their hardware? Me, neither.
  7. Pandora Radio [App Store link] The iPhone version of the popular web application is a welcome addition to my iPhone. The way it works is simple. Identify a band or artist you like, and Pandora streams music by similar artists. Are you tired of the songs on your iPhone or iPod? Launch Pandora for an endless playlist that consumes zero storage space.
  8. Jirbo Arcade [App Store link] You parents might be familiar with The Public Meltdown. It happens when your toddler's patience ends before your errands do. I've started using the simple matching and patterning games from Jirbo to keep my five-year-old engaged for those final, crucial ten minutes and they've worked wonderfully. Plus, they're a little more engaging than another episode of Dora.
So there are the applications that I've grown to love. A few that almost made the cut include Cro-Mag Rally [App Store link] (something about the game play just didn't grab me) and Exposure [App Store link].

Finally, one-hit-wonders include PhoneSaber, [link] which turns your iPhone into a lightsaber (kind of) and Wooly Willy [link].

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