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Aircell flies toward LTE for in-flight broadband

Chris Ziegler

We didn't think it was possible to fit any more nails into the CDMA2000 evolution path's coffin, but Aircell managed to find some space. The company, whose in-flight WiFi service Gogo presently uses EV-DO Rev. A, has now committed to moving to LTE to support a 4G-based service down the road to deliver, among other things, high-def multimedia and more advanced in-cockpit weather data. With LTE yet to be commercially deployed anywhere -- let alone on a scale large enough to be useful to aircraft -- Aircell has a while to ramp up and get ready for a 4G launch, but it says that it's already engaged with the appropriate standards bodies to be sure that everyone's on the same page. Looks like our dream of someday torrenting from six miles in the air is still alive, thank goodness.

[Via MobileBurn]

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