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Blu-ray releases on July 22nd, 2008

Ben Drawbaugh

This week is finally the week, it's finally the week when Universal Studios releases its first Blu-ray Disc, and by the looks of the reviews, the big U is getting started with a bang. The biggest two titles from the new Blu studio are the first two installments of the Mummy franchise, released in preparation for the third movie due in theaters next week. We've seen over and over again this summer, that there is no better time to release a catalog title then just before the sequel is released on the big screen. But even if you aren't the biggest Brendan Fraser fan, you may want to check this out as the reviews seem to indicate that Universal didn't slouch on its first Blu-ray titles. The specs are a good start with BD-50, VC1, and the best in audio at DTS-HD MA 48kHz/24bit; but Hi-Def Digest review sums up the picture quality with "It's as close to a reference-caliber disc as any catalog title I've seen," while the audio was "absolutely excellent -- this is a demo-worthy presentation." But even if Mummy movies are your thing, you can check out Sony's date-and-date 21, or maybe a few older horror titles like Urban Legend or I know What You Did Last Summer. As big as this week is though, next is even bigger as just about every studio has something on the calendar with a total of 24 new releases in one week.

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