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First video of Sony's The Last Guy


Okay, so Sony's upcoming PSN release, The Last Guy, isn't anything like what we speculated it might be. In fact, the game is incredibly simple looking, although, through an interesting twist, it has a grandiose scale. The game's creators have used Google Earth satellite imagery to build its stages, turning actual streets into Pac-Man like mazes where players will be chased by some monsters and headed off at intersections by others as they lead survivors to "escape zones."

If Sony's clever, it's built the game to change over time as the real-world cityscape does – but that's just our hopefulness. If not, maybe it's saving that for a sequel prequel called The Next-to-Last Guy. While we dream, The Last Guy will hit the Japanese PlayStation Store on July 31 for 500 Yen (about $4.75). It looks like a totally bonkers romp that'd go over well in the West with some localized city maps.

[Via Siliconera]

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