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Globe DS: a big blue marble of learning

Phil Larsen

Everyone loves the Wii Forecast Channel. It's funny, because the most entertaining thing to do is spin the world really fast, randomly stop on a location and promise yourself that you will travel there. After that, you realize that you are dirt poor, you can't travel overseas because of those threatening references you made to the UN, and all your assets have been seized by the state. Sure, you did have that promising career in waste management lined up, but it's too late to do anything about that now!

... Ahem. So, there's a globe thing coming to the DS now. It's not an instant-weather application or anything, but rather a detailed map of various worldy data. In Earth mode, you can check out specific information for each country, including climate, population and economic details. In History mode, you can touch a region to learn about how it has evolved over time -- evidently dating back to 3100BC.
Finally, the Card mode lets you collect approximately 500 cards which have various puzzles and questions to answer. Obviously, the whole thing is in Japanese, but localization wouldn't be too much of a stretch considering the wealth of "edutainment" titles we see on the DS these days.

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