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Hell's Kitchen trailer is a total donkey, plus other Nintendo Channel vids

Candace Savino

Another Monday means more videos on the Nintendo Channel, and is there anything worth watching? Well, not really. We did appreciate the Hell's Kitchen Info Video, though, if only so that we could mock it. Who knows how the game will actually play, as a Cooking Mama with actual recipes might be kind of fun. (Even if this video doesn't make it look fun.) But what's the point of using the Hell's Kitchen license if Chef Ramsey isn't going to be his total cad self?

They definitely toned down Ramsey's personality for the game, or at least it appears that way from this trailer. Spouting lines like, "Not good so far," and, "I need you to really -- seriously -- up your game," are laughable coming from the chef's mouth. "Don't even touch another thing in this kitchen" is the worst it gets, apparently. Wow, color us scared.

To see the entire list of videos on the Nintendo Channel this week, just click past the break.

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  • Pirates: The Key of Dreams Info Video
  • Madden NFL 09 Info Video
  • GRID Info Video
  • Hell's Kitchen The Game Info Video
  • TNA iMPACT! Info Video
  • Master of the Monster Lair Info Video (DS)
  • Dinosaur King Info Video (DS)
  • Guitar Hero: On Tour Duel Video (DS)

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