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My shadow is following me

Matthew Rossi

Yes, apparently in Wrath you will see your shadow do things like change depending on where you are in relation to light sources and look more like you and less like a circle on the ground. It may not seem like a big change, but it's certainly an interesting one and helps to progressively create a sense of immersion (yay, my one theatre class finally pays off) in the world.

Now that we have this feature being implemented (although it does make me feel that time is fast approaching where I will have to upgrade my computer) what else would you like to see? We already have day/night cycles, some zones have weather to a degree and clearly that's going to also be the case in Northrend, so what's left? What are you looking forward to or hoping they'll add to the look of the game? Personally, I'm still hoping for dyes to customize my armor colors somewhat.

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